Forsaken Village

Adjoining LocationsEdit

Turtle Hill
Hunter's Camp
Academy Tiltyard

Medal of HonorEdit

Forsaken Village
Number of Required Battles 6
Reward 6x Zombie or 4x Ghost

Shop ContentsEdit

Unit Type Cost in Gold
Possessed Bear 4000
Cave Spider 1000
Spell Cost in Gold
Slowdown 350
Healing 200

Main QuestsEdit

There is a Whole Swarm of CrossbelliesEdit

  • Quest Giver: Helvasink the Keeper
  • Task: Destroy 55 Cave Spiders and 20 Fiery Spiders
  • Related Battle: Sorcerer Spiders
  • Reward: 4800 gold, 312 exp, and 40x Ghost
  • Next Quest: Reinforcements


At the Other End of the Spider ThreadsEdit

The Commander's ScoutsEdit


Grave Plunderers
Quest Giver Moran Kruzius
Quest Task Destroy 2 Gravedigger gangs
Related Battle Gravedigger Gang
Completion Reward (gold) 3500
Completion Reward (exp) 192
Completion Reward (spells) 2x Magical Armour or 1x Entanglement
Champions of Glory
Quest Giver Moran Kruzius
Quest Task Destroy 5 Paladins
Related Battle Order of Cleansing Fanatics
Completion Reward (gold) 4000
Completion Reward (exp) 208
Completion Reward (units) 1x Ghost or 2x Vagabond

Spiders in the Cemetery
Quest Giver Moran Kruzius
Quest Task Destroy 1 broods of Necrophages
Completion Reward (gold) ?
Completion Reward (exp) ?
Completion Reward (material) 2x Iron or 2x Coarse Thread


Unit Type Amount
Fiery Spider some
Cave Spider some
Ancient Serpent several

Armored Party

Mad Cultists

Quest BattlesEdit

Sorcerer SpidersEdit

Furry Spider Queen and her BroodEdit

Gravedigger GangEdit

Order of Cleansing FanaticsEdit

Wanted BattlesEdit

Ghosts of the PastEdit

Daredevil RaidersEdit

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