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Garrison of the Order
Library Ruins

Medal of HonorEdit

A Medal of Honor is awarded for completing 2 daily quests here.

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Show Me What You Are Made OfEdit

A Threat to the ManuscriptsEdit

Living DeadEdit

  • Quest Giver: Commander Tarcus
  • Task: Repel an attack of the undead by destroying Walking Dead
  • Related Battle: Walking Dead
  • Reward: 2000 gold, 96 exp, and 1x Commander's License
  • Next Quest: Delayed Reinforcements

Golden LegionEdit

  • Quest Giver: Commander Tarcus
  • Task: Speak to Maximus the Exorcist at Academy Tiltyard
  • Related Battle: None
  • Reward: 10240 gold, 240 exp, 3x Fireball, 10 archmages
  • Next Quest: None
  • NOTE: Up to date

Delayed ReinforcementsEdit

Side QuestsEdit


Daily QuestsEdit

Hunting for PoachersEdit

  • Quest Giver: Kaidan the Archivist
  • Task: Destroy 2 teams of Northern Forest Poachers
  • Related Battle: Northern Forest Poachers
  • Reward: 1400 gold, 70 exp, and 3x Slowdown or 4x Magical Armor

Zombies of the WestEdit

  • Quest Giver: Kaidan the Archivist
  • Task: Destroy 8 Zombies
  • Related Battle: Living Dead
  • Reward: 1050 gold, 42 exp, and 1 alchemist jar 1 magic powder

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Band of ThievesEdit

Steel ThreatEdit

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Horde of BrigandsEdit

Walking DeadEdit

Northern Forest PoachersEdit

Living DeadEdit

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