A Wanted Battle functions the same as any other battle with one small social twist: the player needs a certain amount of friends to help "track down" the criminal army. When the battle is won, the friend counter will reset and the player will once again have to receive help from friends to unlock the battle. Each friend has a separate 24 hour cooldown period before they can be asked to help again.

Wanted Armies scale with your level: As you level up, they gain more units as well.

The following special units CANNOT be acquired from Wanted Battles:

Only the following four legendary units CAN be acquired from Wanted Battles:

Corsair FlotillaEdit

Beast UnionEdit

Ghosts of the PastEdit

Daredevil RaidersEdit

Scaled CharmersEdit

Siege MastersEdit

Deadly HerdEdit

False InquisitionEdit

Tamers of MagicEdit

Coastal MonstersEdit

Lord of the ShadowsEdit

Bloody RebelsEdit

Magical MonstersEdit

Spell WhisperersEdit

Ancient VisitorsEdit


Incarnations of ChaosEdit

Saurian WarriorsEdit

Masters of the WoodsEdit

Steel Landing PartyEdit

Feathered SquadronEdit